How to Take Care of Your Stoneware Baking Dishes


How to Take Care of Your Stoneware Baking Dishes

These tips will help you keep your stoneware clean and ready to use for years to come!

How to Take Care of Your Stoneware Baking Dishes

When it comes to baking accessories, there’s nothing quite like using stoneware baking dishes. These heavy-duty items can retain heat, resulting in biscuits, cinnamon rolls, cookies, and so much more that are baked to perfection.

However, there’s more to using stoneware than simply placing the item in the oven and waiting for your baked item to be ready to serve (and eat!). From learning how to avoid thermal shock to finding the best method to clean the stoneware properly, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. Whether you've been baking with stoneware for years or are just learning how to use your first dish or pizza stone, you'll want to put these ideas into practice so you can bake trendy new recipes and even old-fashioned favorites.

With the tips in How to Take Care of Your Stoneware Baking Dishes, you’ll discover how to maintain these unique baking accessories for years to come. Don’t use your stoneware items again until you’ve seen these ideas!

Follow The Manufacturer’s Instructions

The first rule of taking care of your stoneware is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. The manufacturer will know the best practices for keeping your stoneware in tip-top shape, and will also give you tips on seasoning (or not seasoning) your stoneware, as well as information if the item is safe to use for your favorite microwave recipe or can be immersed in water. In addition, many stoneware manufacturers have tested various cleaning methods on their products, so you can be assured that the prescribed methods will be safe to use on the item. If the manufacturer is no longer in business, it may be possible to find an online forum where fans of the brand have shared tips on how to care for the stoneware. 

Avoid Thermal Shock for Your Pan

Using your stoneware for your Overnight Smores French Toast (pictured below) is a great way to get breakfast on the table in the morning. However, you will need to keep in mind that thermal shock due to changes in temperature — for example, taking your stoneware item from the refrigerator into a hot oven, or vise-versa — has the potential to crack the item. What’s a busy home baker to do? If it is possible, allow the dish and ingredients to get to room temperature before placing the stoneware in the oven. You should also allow the stoneware item to cool completely before putting leftovers in the refrigerator. 

Overnight Smores French Toast

Clean Your Stoneware like a Pro

Your latest batch of cinnamon rolls left a gooey, sticky mess on your stoneware dish. While you definitely need to remove the mess, cleaning stoneware takes some care. According to the American Cleaning Institute, hand-painted ceramics and stoneware should be washed by hand so as to avoid damage to the finish. If you are unsure if your casserole dish is hand-painted, then take consider washing it by hand using just water to be on the safe side. As a further note of caution, do not immerse the stoneware in sudsy water or clean it in the dishwasher, as doing so could result in a residue on the item’s surface. 

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Pizza Stone

Using a pizza stone to make cookies can result in treats that are evenly baked. However, you might be left with some residue on the pizza stone. Don’t wash off any residue on the stone. After it is cooled completely, you can scrape off the excess residue. If anything remains, you can bake the pizza stone for about an hour, according to an article posted on Simply scrape away the cookie crumbs or other residue after the pizza stone is at room temperature, and your stone will be ready for another round of baking. 

Store Your Stoneware with Care

Where do you keep your stoneware when it's not in use, anyway? You might be short on space in your kitchen, so the thought of storing your new stoneware casserole dish or tray on its own shelf might give you pause. However, stacking items on top of your stoneware or placing the casserole dish on its side could cause your beloved baking accessory to crack or maybe even break. If you are short on space, then consider placing a wire helper shelf over the stoneware so that you can store other items within the shelf. The next time you plan to make dessert for breakfast or another delicious recipe, your pan will be ready to go. 

Know When to Toss Your Stoneware

Despite the best of intentions and care, it is still possible that a stoneware baking dish is chipped or broken. As much as you would like to keep your trusted casserole dish or pizza stone for years to come, that’s not always possible if the item has a chip on the side or scratches in the surface. Melodie Anne of Leaf.TV points out that a chipped item may be an invitation to bacteria and more to grow and multiply. When in doubt, throw it out, then replace the stoneware with a new item.

Get Baking with These Dessert Recipes

It's time to start baking your favorite dessert recipes! The following desserts can be baked in your favorite stoneware pan, dish, or even on a pizza stone. Just keep in mind you may need to adjust the baking time, so plan to take a peek at your baked items a bit sooner than noted in the recipe. 

Cake Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies (pictured below): You can't go wrong with a classic recipe! You'll love making these cookies on your pizza stone.

Heavenly Hawaiian Bread PuddingThe next time brunch is at your place, make sure to include this easy bread pudding recipe on the menu. This decadent dessert will have everyone talking!

Cookie Dough Cinnamon RollsGooey and delicious, this easy recipe for cinnamon rolls needs to be in your arsenal. You can easily serve these cinnamon rolls for breakfast, brunch, or dessert.

Amaretti BiscuitsYou can add these biscuits to your Christmas cookie tray for the holidays. This treat will be a hit with everyone.

Cake Mix Chocolate Chip Cookies

What is your favorite dessert to bake in a stoneware dish?

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