14 Easy Halloween Recipes for Cookies


14 Easy Halloween Recipes for Cookies

Planning a Halloween party? These cookie recipes will be the perfect details to add to your event!

Easy Halloween Recipes for Cookies

Like the Haunted Mansion's grim grinning ghosts, everyone loves to come out and socialize around Halloween. One of the best parts about Halloween parties is the delicious Halloween dessert recipes. Although candy for trick-or-treating may get all the press, the holiday offers a wide assortment of desserts that revelers of all ages are sure to love. From decorated designs to candy in cookies, these recipes will quickly become part of your annual traditions.

This collection of 14 Easy Halloween Recipes for Cookies is a compilation of all of the spookiest and tastiest Halloween cookie recipes out there and will transform your party into a full-blown monster mash. The best part about these treats is that they're all easy to make. From colorful takes on the traditional sugar cookie to fun ghoulish-themed treats, these easy cookie recipes will make even Frankenstein's monster smile. So what are you waiting for? Turn on your favorite Halloween tunes and get baking!

Easy Candy Corn Cookies

Soft Candy Corn Cookies

If you can't get enough of candy corn, then these recipes are just what you need. Although there is nothing wrong with eating candy corn by the handful, you just might be looking for fun and creative ways to eat the candy. From cookies that include a generous portion of candy corn to baked sweet treats that resemble the beloved Halloween candy, these recipes are sure to delight everyone on October 31. If you're hosting your friends for a scary movie marathon, then these delightful treats definitely need to be on your menu!

  • Mini Sugared Candy Corn CookiesLike actual pieces of candy corn, you won't be able eat just one of these Halloween cookies. In fact, because they aren't as sweet as the candy, you might actually end up eating more of these than you would the candy.
  • White Chocolate Candy Corn CookiesHere is a fun and colorful take on the traditional cookie recipe that adds some white chocolate to the mix! While you could share these cookies with your coworkers, family, and friends, we don't blame you if you keep some at home for your own use.
  • Soft Candy Corn CookiesCan you ever truly have too many cookie recipes with candy corn? Probably not! In this cookie recipe, you can use white chocolate or even peanuts to incorporate an interesting flavor to the baked treat.

Halloween Cookies: Wicked Witches That Will Cast a Spell on You

Wicked Witches Broomsticks

What's Halloween without a witch or two? Whether you're planning to watch "Hocus Pocus" for the millionth time or just want something fun to serve at your party, these witch cookie recipes are just what you need. These spell-binding recipes are fun to make and so adorable, too. You can easily serve these easy Halloween recipes for cookies to children or adults for any event in October!

  • Wicked Witches BroomsticksThese sweet and salty cookie treats are as festive as can be. You'll love how the crunchy pretzel rods combine perfectly with the flavors of the sugar cookie "bristles."
  • Spooky Witches Stew CookiesThis is, hands down, one of the best Halloween recipes for cookies simply because each cookie looks fantastic. These treats will make all of your friends cackle in between bites.
  • So-Easy-It's-Scary Witch Hat CookiesYou don't need a ton of specialty skills to make these delightful cookies! Using just three ingredients and a few steps, this recipe couldn't be easier to make and will look fantastic when it is complete. This is the perfect recipe for anyone who wants to get into the Halloween spirit in just a little bit of time.

Cookies with Spiders, Pumpkins, and More

3-D Ghost Cookies

Are you ready for ghosts, spiders, and other things that go bump in the night? If you go all-out on October 31 (and even in the weeks leading up to it), then these easy Halloween recipes are for you. Embrace your creative side and get baking to create cookies that are definitely more of a treat than a trick. You don't have to be a decorating pro to pull off these recipes, either.

  • Halloween Lace Up Pumpkin CookiesForget candy necklaces! You'll love baking, wearing, and eating these cute pumpkin cookies and so will kids of all ages.
  • Spooky Swirly Halloween CookiesThe vibrant iconic Halloween colors on each of these cookies is sure to put a spell on you. Even though the swirls look difficult to do, this is actually one of the easiest recipes for cookies.
  • 3-D Ghost CookiesBoo! These cookies are quite a scream. They're the epitome of Halloween recipes because they could easily be mistaken for decorations.
  • Halloween Cobweb CookiesYou've never seen recipes for cookies like these before. You create the web design on a skillet on the stove and then pop them in the oven to crisp.
  • Ogre Eye CookiesWhen it comes to this Halloween recipe, seeing is believing. You'll love the brightly colored dough and little mint chocolate chip pupil.
  • Crunchy Chocolate Skeleton CookiesIf you already have a gingerbread man cookie cutter, then you likely don't need to purchase any special equipment for this recipe. These skeletons are just too cute to miss!
  • Dark Chocolate and Orange Sandwich CookiesAre you looking for a vegan cookie recipe for Halloween? Then this delightful recipe is just what you need. You can even decorate the top of each cookie with cobwebs or even a short message.
  • Scaredy Cat Pie Crust CookiesAre you short on time, but need to make something for Halloween? This cookie recipe is as easy as pie, as it includes a pie crust! Fun and eye-catching, these cookies will be scooped up in no time.

What is the best way to store decorated cookies for Halloween?

Whether you're planning to transport your Halloween cookies to a party or just want to make a batch or two of decorated cookie in advance of the holiday, you will want to be careful when packaging these fun desserts. After all, you don't want all of that hard work to come undone by smooshing or breaking your cookies while they are in transit! Here are a few tips to keep in mind when packaging Halloween cookies.

*Pick an airtight container that has enough depth to cover your cookies. This cannot be stressed enough; if the container is too shallow, it is possible your decorated cookies will be squashed, crumbled, and in crumbs almost as soon as you place the lid on top.

*Consider how you are transporting your cookies to the party venue. If you are driving or walking to the neighbor's house, then you could place the cookies flat on a plate, then cover the cookies with plastic wrap or place in a resealable plastic bag. However, if you plan to take public transportation, then a rigid container will work wonders.

*Layer with care. Whether your cookies feature an artistic decoration or are simply cut-out cookies in Halloween shapes, you need to take care when layering your desserts. Wax paper or parchment paper can be placed between each layer of cookies; however, if your cookies include 3D elements, then using more containers to place the cookies in a single layer may be prudent. Don't forget to include crumbled wax paper in the container to prevent the cookies from shifting.

Which Halloween cookie recipe will you make this year?

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