Cookie Mix in a Jar: 5 Tips to Make the Perfect Gift


Cookie Mix in a Jar: 5 Tips to Make the Perfect Gift

These tips for cookie mix gifts will delight everyone on your holiday present list!

Cookie Mix in a Jar 5 Tips to Make the Perfect Gift

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of gift ideas for everyone on your list! If you’re looking for a creative and consumable gift idea that will be a hit with almost everyone, including family, friends, neighbors, and maybe even coworkers, then cookie mix in a jar is just the right gift you need. You can almost never go wrong with sharing cookies!

If this is your first time making this unique gift idea, then you probably want to know where to start. With this guide on Cookie Mix in a Jar: 5 Tips to Make the Perfect Gift, you can assemble the gifts like a pro.

Cookie Mix Jars: Which Cookie Recipes Should You Use?

Not all cookie recipes will work when assembled in a Mason jar. Blogger David Dial of the website Spiced suggested via an email interview to use classic cookie recipes for cookie mix gifts. “Of course, keep your audience in mind. Some folks may shy away from chocolate, so that's where a good snickerdoodle or even oatmeal cookie comes in. And think about the layers (i.e., ingredients) when deciding on a recipe, too,” he wrote, pointing out that recipes with an assortment of layers and colors will look more appealing when layered in a jar. For example, Dial's recipe for Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies (pictured below) will look colorful when placed in a jar, especially as the chocolate peanut butter cups can remain wrapped up until it is time to make the cookies.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Cookies

Round up Your Ingredients and Supplies

Are you ready to start pouring ingredients for your holiday presents? You will need to do a little bit of prep work first. Purchase the freshest dry ingredients possible for the mix, and multiply the ingredients so that you have enough for several batches by using an online recipe multiplier. You can typically use a one-quart Mason jar for one batch of cookies; just make sure all jars, lids, and other components are washed and completely dry before pouring the ingredients. You also need to consider the types of ingredients you are placing in the jars. For example, you don’t want to keep peanut butter or nuts stored in the jar with the other ingredients in your cookie mix, as the oil from the peanut butter or nuts may not be suitable for long-term storage with the other ingredients; if you do plan to make jars of mixes with nuts, then consider placing the nuts in separate airtight containers. 

How to Assemble Cookie Mix Jars

How to Assemble Cookie Mix Jars

You have selected the perfect cookie recipe and have your ingredients on hand. But if you’re assembling three, four, or more cookie mix jars, then you will want a way to streamline the process. After all, this is supposed to be an easy project! In an email, Dial offered several tips on how to make assembly quick and easy.

* Pack each layer: There’s a bit more to the process than simply dumping in each ingredient. Dial noted “When it comes to assembling the jars, lightly pack each layer down after putting it in the jar.  This will help the layers from becoming too ‘mixed up’ in transport.” You don’t want the cookie mix to arrive in a jumble!

* Put finer ingredients on the bottom: There is a certain art to placing each layer of cookie mix in a jar. According to Dial, there is a method that can make a difference in the overall presentation of the cookie mix jar. “I try to layer finer ingredients (flour, sugar) at the bottom and larger ingredients (nuts, chocolate chips) at the top. If you put the larger ingredients at the bottom of the jar, then the finer ingredients are sure to sift down during transport,” he noted.

* Use a funnel: Now comes the part of the actual assembly. Pouring the ingredients into the jars will take a little bit of prep work. To minimize mess, plan ahead. According to Dial, a “good wide-mouth canning funnel works wonders when pouring ingredients into jars.” 

Give Your Cookie Mix Jars a Festive Look

Give Your Cookie Mix Jars a Festive Look

While you can certainly present a family member or friend with a Mason jar filled with a cookie mix that is ready for baking, consider giving your present a festive touch or two. If this cookie mix is in honor of a particular holiday, such as Valentine’s Day or Christmas, then consider including chocolate chips or M&Ms in seasonal colors. This will add a fun and festive look to almost any cookie recipe. Dial shared several tips on how to make that jar of cookie mix look even better. "Wrap the top of the jar in bright, festive ribbon, or you could even go with a rustic look and use burlap and artificial sprigs of pine needles/pine cones," he wrote in an email. "Another option is to include the cookie mix jar in a larger gift, such as a baking package complete with a new apron and the utensils needed for making cookies (spatula, etc.). Be creative, and have fun!”

Include the Recipe for Your Cookie Mix

A jar of cookie mix without a recipe will only lead to confusion for the gift recipient. After all, how will they bake the cookies without knowing how much vanilla extract or butter is needed? Simply print the full recipe on a pretty piece of paper that is then attached to the jar with ribbon. If the layers of the cookie mix are placed in an order that deviates from the recipe's instructions, then you may need to adjust the instructions. The recipient just might want to replicate the gift for someone else! Consider including any small specialty items with the jar of cookie mix, too. For example, if the cookie recipe requires a cookie cutter or small whisk, then attach the item to the jar with ribbon. 

Best Cookie in a Jar Recipes

It is a universal truth that you can never have too many cookie recipes at your fingertips! The following recipes are just what you need to assemble in a jar and give as consumable presents to family and friends. These recipes will also provide a contrast in colors and will look particularly festive when wrapped in ribbon. As much as it will be to assemble the jars, the recipients will have even more fun baking these cookies!

Triple Chocolate Cookies (pictured below): Do you have a chocoholic in your life? If so, then Dial's recipe for Triple Chocolate Cookies will make for a perfect holiday present.

Mason Jar Monster CookiesThis easy cookie recipe will make the perfect present for any time of the year. Each cookie is loaded with chocolate chips and oatmeal.

The Best SnickerdoodlesFeaturing the perfect combination of cinnamon and sugar, this recipe is too good to miss. You can't go wrong with this old-fashioned classic!

Soft-Baked Cutout Sugar CookiesCutout sugar cookies might be synonymous with the winter holidays, but they can definitely be baked all year! When gifting a jar of this recipe, attach a fun cookie cutout to the jar.

Triple Chocolate Cookies

What is your favorite recipe for cookie mix in a jar?
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