No Wrappers Required: 20+ Homemade Candy Recipes


No Wrappers Required: 20+ Homemade Candy Recipes

From copycat recipes to classic treats, these recipes for homemade candy simply can't be missed!

No Wrappers Required Homemade Candy Recipes

Put away your wallet and step away from your car keys. You no longer need to buy candy at a store. With our compilation of No Wrappers Required: 20+ Homemade Candy Recipes, you can make homemade candy bars and other sweet treats right in your very own kitchen. You'll love making homemade candy because you can personalize each piece and see exactly what goes into making the candies. Plus, these recipes taste just as good, if not better, than their store-bought counterparts. Trust us, after just one bite, you won't believe that these candies didn't come out of a pre-packaged wrapper and were in fact made right in your own kitchen. These recipes will be the perfect complements to your holiday dessert recipes and will make fantastic gifts for others all year-round.

Nobody can resist the allure of the colorful candy shop filled with colorful sweets to put a smile on your face. Bring that excitement back with these easy candy recipes, and show your kids what it's like to truly indulge in the best.

Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

Easy Homemade Three Musketeers Bars

Are you craving some chocolate desserts? While you could make a special trip to the grocery store to purchase your favorite candy bars, consider making your own at home! These easy copycat recipes are new and fun twists on your beloved candy bars. These recipes will also be a delightful addition to your holiday cookie tray. After all, who wouldn't want to add some homemade candy to the mix?

  • Mini Homemade Mounds Candy BarsThis candy bar recipe is truly fun-sized. Each little Mounds-like bite is just bursting with dark chocolate and coconut flavors. You won't be able to have just one.
  • 3-Ingredient Butterfinger BarsYou may be asking yourself, "Three ingredients? How can they taste like a Butterfinger with only 3 ingredients?" Just take a bite of this homemade candy recipe and you'll have your answer.
  • Crunchy Homemade Kit Kat BarsShare these treats with your friends just one and they'll be constantly asking you to break them off a piece of that homemade candy bar, or just demanding the recipe.
  • Better-Than-Twix BarsBetter for you as well as better tasting, this homemade candy bar recipe is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. The hardest part about the recipe is waiting for them to harden!
  • Kit Kat BitesWhile they may not have the bar shape of their namesake, these bites taste fantastic. They're as chocolatey and as crunchy as the best Kit Kat you've ever tasted.
  • Heavenly Homemade Snickers BarsChocolate, peanuts, nougat, and caramel. This candy bar recipe has it all. You'll love how all of the flavors combine perfectly and make you think you're eating an actual Snickers.
  • Easy Homemade Three Musketeers BarsIf you're a fan of the beloved 3 Musketeers candy bar, then this recipe is for you! Believe it or not, but this recipe only uses two ingredients, which you may already have on hand.

Classic Candy Recipes That are Just Like Grandma's

Easy Halloween Gumdrops

These classic candy recipes are just like Grandma's — and maybe even better! You will love adding a bit of nostalgia to your next get-together with friends when you include these classic candy recipes to the event. Everyone will love taking a trip down memory lane when they try these sweet treats. These candy recipes will also make thoughtful gifts for family and friends. All you need to do is place the candy in jars and decorate with pretty ribbon. 

  • Candy ButtonsOnly a few homemade candy recipes are good enough to make you feel nostalgic for your childhood. This is definitely one of those. The dots just as sweet and fun as you remember.
  • Better-For-You Candy CornIf your bag of candy corn is running low, try restocking it with some homemade candy corn instead. They're super sweet and more than festive enough for Halloween. Yum!
  • Craveable Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy BarsWhile these aren't copycats of a popular candy bar brand, they're a tasty homemade candy recipe in their own right. You'll especially love the taste of the classic chocolate-peanut butter flavor combination.
  • Old Fashioned Cinnamon Rock CandyThis homemade candy recipe tastes just like the kind that your grandmother used to make! It's perfectly flavorful thanks to some cinnamon oil and sugar, not to mention really easy to make.
  • Easy Halloween GumdropsGumdrops are a favorite of kid candy lovers everywhere... and it's so easy to make yourself! These gumdrops will look amazing when displayed in your favorite candy jar. Although this recipe is for Halloween, you can adapt it so you can make it year-round.
  • Amish Homemade Caramel RecipeThe Amish know how do to dessert right, including these tasty Amish-style caramels. They're perfect for when you need a little sweet treat to hold you over until dinner.
  • Homemade Martha Washington CandyThis recipe is great because it only requires a few ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry! Give it a try, and you'll have a tasty Christmas treat in no time.

Easy Recipes for Fudge and Bark

Super Easy 2 Ingredients Fudge

Add a decadent bit of chocolate or crispy, crunchy sweet treats to the dessert table when you make these recipes for homemade fudge and bark. These recipes are perfect for last-minute additions to any event or occasion. After the candy is set, simply break off pieces or slice-and-serve. It's that easy! While these treats will be a welcome addition to your holiday dessert tray, you can definitely make them all year-round.

  • Buckeye BarkThis classic recipe includes the beloved combination of chocolate and peanut butter. The result is a treat you just might not want to share.
  • Sweet & Salty Movie Popcorn Chocolate BarkThis bark is the perfect combination of salty and sweet flavors, resulting in a candy that everyone will love. The addition popcorn to the bark makes this a truly remarkable candy.
  • Italian Christmas Triple Chocolate BarkIt's time to shake up your holiday traditions and include this chocolate bark. This recipe is easy to make and includes plenty of chocolate and nuts in every bite.
  • Peppermint Almond Bark Recipe with PretzelsMake the holidays a bit more festive when you include this delightful peppermint almond bark. If you can't get enough of peppermint, then this recipe is for you. 
  • Candy Corn FudgeThis Halloween fudge recipe is anything but spooky! Fans of candy corn will love this unique and colorful take on the traditional fudge recipe. 
  • 3-Ingredient Old Fashioned Peanut Butter FudgeWhen it comes to peanut butter recipes, this fudge is incredibly easy and delightful to make. This easy fudge recipe is perfect for any time of the year.
  • Super Easy 2 Ingredients FudgeYes, you read that correctly. This recipe has only two ingredients and is so easy to make. The recipe uses ingredients you likely already have on hand, so you can get started on making this recipe right away.

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